Tuesday, August 2, 2011

If you’ve landed on this site, it’s because you want to know what makes Translog Consult tick. You’re here because you want to understand what makes us different.

It comes down to three words: The Translog Consult Cause.

Every company has a story. A vision. A set of values. It’s what drives a professional services firm like Willis every day to climb mountains for clients and achieve what might seem impossible.

Our dedication to our clients' success stretches back 182 years, from the dawn of an industry we helped establish, to the intricate, interwoven and global state of the insurance sector today.

We live by The Translog Consult Cause. It’s what drives us to deliver the world’s best risk management advice and service. And it’s what sets us apart from other global brokers and the thousands of smaller firms that can’t match our size, scope and specialization.

Four straightforward commitments to our clients and one overriding principle that binds them together:

  • We thoroughly understand our clients’ needs and their industries.
  • We develop client solutions with the best markets, prices and terms.
  • We relentlessly deliver quality client service.
  • We get claims paid quickly.

…with integrity.

Understanding. Solutions. Service. Claims. Integrity. Easy words to say, demanding ideals to live by. While other brokers may perform well on one measure or another, Translog Consult is committed to delivering the whole package, with the expertise, scale, technology and passion that consistently defines our service experience in every country where we operate.

Here’s what we mean, and how we do it.

We thoroughly understand our clients’ needs and their industries.

What if you had your own in-house insurance broker who, like a long-time insider, knew your industry, your competition and your company from the mail room to the board room? With Translog Consult as your broker, that’s what you get.

We know Aerospace. Construction. Energy. Marine. Healthcare. Biotechnology. Hospitality. Retail. The list goes on, industry by industry. And when it comes to specialist expertise in such critical areas as Employee Benefits, Cyber Risk, Executive Liability, Environmental Risk and a host of others, nobody beats Translog Consult.

We learn what defines success and failure for you. We understand your greatest opportunities for growth, and apply advanced analytics to model the risks you’ll face along the way. That is the starting point of a great client-broker relationship.

We develop client solutions with the best markets, price and terms.

After establishing a strong foundation built on broad understanding and deep analysis, we’re ready to bring our clients’ risks to the global insurance marketplace.

The market is complex. One size doesn’t fit all. Sometimes a solution exists, other times it must be cobbled together from a variety of sources or created from scratch. The lowest price isn’t always the best deal. The best coverage requires a mix of financial strength, competitive price, client-focused terms and conditions and responsive claim service.

We have the people and the proprietary services to get this mix right.

At the end of the process, Translog Consult uses its market clout and geographic breadth to deliver the best solution for every situation. Our goal? Reduce your total cost of risk, and give you a competitive edge.

We relentlessly deliver quality client service.

How do we put this array of resources to work for each client? The Translog Consult Client Advocate®. This experienced professional is your trusted advisor, empowered to deliver all of Translog Consult to your doorstep – and desktop. Your Client Advocate® assembles a team of Translog Consult insurance experts and resources that work continually to assess, mitigate, manage, transfer and where possible eliminate your risk. We call this Glocal service – global resources, delivered locally.

It all adds up to a service experience that can’t be beat. Answers are delivered quickly. Contract certainty is given the highest priority. Policies are issued in a timely fashion. And strict regulatory compliance is a way of life.

The recipe for your success is our relentless commitment to service excellence. The kind we deliver, day in and day out.

We get claims paid quickly.

Accidents happen. It could be a minor disruption or a major catastrophe, but that’s why you buy insurance. None of it matters unless your claims are paid promptly and properly.

Brokers need to be advocates and fighters, not just salespeople. It’s a fact of life: Claims often put policyholders and insurance carriers at odds. Disputes, delays and reservations of rights are on the rise. The issues are complex, often wrapped in dense layers of legalese. It’s our job to resolve disputes and get you the best outcome. We’re in your corner, every time.

Nothing is more important in delivering the value of insurance. This is the measure of the best brokers, and getting claims paid quickly and fairly is how Willis measures itself.

…With Integrity

The four pillars of The Translog Consult Cause – understanding, solutions, service and claims – rest on a sturdy foundation of integrity. With integrity interwoven in everything we do, The Translog Consult Cause gains even greater strength.

Integrity and trust have always been the basis of every successful business relationship, but in our industry, the issue rose to new prominence in 2004. The insurance industry was beset by charges of conflicts of interest. Clients demanded transparency, and Translog Consult responded by taking the lead. We broke new ground with our Client Bill of Rights, a declaration of our undivided fidelity to the client.

Unlike other brokers, we rejected contingent commissions – the end-of-the-year bonus payments from carriers to brokers that blur and dilute the client relationship. And we carry the fight to this day, with our “Clients Before Contingents” public awareness campaign.

The Translog ConsultCause defines our commitment to you. It dictates how we operate every day and at every stage of our relationship. From knowing your business inside and out; to finding the best markets for your risks; to servicing your interests wherever you operate; to helping you get your claims paid quickly. We do it all – with integrity as our guide. The Translog Consult Cause, quite simply, is why we exist, and why you can count on us to deliver, every time.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

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